Vice President Joe Biden Speaks at Syracuse Rally for Dan Maffei

Oct 20, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden says the country has made a remarkable recovery so far, but the middle class is still struggling. He spoke today at a rally for Dan Maffei at Hancock International Airport, and said he believes some basic American middle class rights are gone as a result of poor political choices made by congress.

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Syracuse Hancock Airport Monday in support of Dan Maffei
Credit Chris Bolt / WAER News

“There used to be a basic bargain in America, and Dan feels it in its gut, in his heart… That basic bargain was simple. It said if you worked and contributed to the wellbeing of the outfit you worked for, and it increased its productivity and gained in its profits, you got to share in those profits.”

Biden said the distance between the nation’s highest earners and middle class citizens has increased drastically since the 1980's. He highlighted that middle class workers have seen an increase in their wages of only 14 cents over the past ten years.

Biden stressed that strengthening the middle class is a necessity, and told the roughly 450 people listening at Hancock airport that Dan Maffei is the candidate to address wage disparities. He stressed Maffei’s opponent John Katko supports the wealthy over the welfare of average Americans, and also suggested that upcoming election could be a key indicator for political races across the country: