WAER Kicks Off Summertime Music Discovery Series

Jul 9, 2018

This past Friday, WAER launced a four-part series diving into music discovery called Sounds of the Season.  With Summertime in full swing the season for new music is upon us and throughout the month of July,  host Kevin Kloss hopes to introduce listeners to new music. 

Each week features a different guest to discuss their approach to new music discovery and highlight some musical artists they encourage us to check out. The series launced by speaking with Syracuse University Professor David Yaffe. David, has quite the history of music commentary and has penned books regarding Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. He joined the program to lay a foundational understanding of the current state of music consumption.

Hear our conversation with David Yaffe below, and check out the listing of songs played during the original broadcast.

You can hear Sounds of the Season each Friday in July at 8pm on WAER.

Track List:

1-'Up To Me'- Bob Dylan

2- 'No Roots'- Alice Merton

3- 'I'm Not Ready'- Surfers Blood

4- 'Ways' - The Oxford Remedy

5- 'Waltz 2' Elliot Smith

6- 'Glory Box'- Portishead