Young Summer Campers at the MOST Learn About the Impact of Climate Change

Jul 1, 2019

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Young Central New York students were learning about climate change Monday as part of what they’d need to know as an environmental scientist.  It’s one of a series of day camps held this week at the Museum of Science and Technology, with each day focusing on a specific career. 

MOST Science Educator Juliette Wurm says in addition to learning about animal tracks and the food web, the children also learned about the impact of rising seas with a simple experiment…

"So the kids put water in, draw the land; put more water in, draw the land.  They were right on it.  They said, 'Oh, the polar ice caps melting creating the sea level change.'  I said, 'Yes!  What happens to the people and animals living on that land?'  And they said, 'Well, they have to find a new place.'"

Wurm says the material is age appropriate, so children from ages 6 to 12 can understand.  She says the first goal is awareness of climate change…

"Making sure they're aware that these things are happening, and that there are certain steps they can take.  I want them to feel they can be stewards of our greater world, and that they want to protect the world because it doesn't just affect the bugs and the birds and things outside.  It affects us, too."

Wurm says if a child walks away with an interest in a career as a scientist, all the better.  Children this week will also explore what it’s like to be marine biologist, a doctor, and a computer scientist.   Three week-long camps this summer will immerse children in forensics, chemistry, and space.

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News