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Privacy Policy

WAER donor List and Political Activities Policy


Section 396(k)(12) of the Communications Act provides that:

"(12) Funds may not be distributed under this subsection to any public broadcasting entity that directly or indirectly-

"(A) rents contributor or donor names (or other personally identifiable information) to or from, or exchanges such names or information with, any Federal, State, or local candidate, political party, or political committee; or

"(B) discloses contributor or donor names, or other personally identifiable information, to any nonaffiliated third party unless-

"(i) such entity clearly and conspicuously discloses to the contributor or donor that such information may be disclosed to such third party;

"(ii) the contributor or donor is given the opportunity before the time that such information is initially disclosed, to direct that such information not be disclosed to such third party; and

"(iii) the contributor or donor is given an explanation of how the contributor or donor may exercise that nondisclosure option."

B. Section 397(11) of the Act states: "The term "public broadcasting entity" means the Corporation, and licensee or permittee of a public broadcast station, or any nonprofit institution engaged primarily in the production, acquisition, distribution, or dissemination of educational and cultural television or radio programs."

WAER maintains the privacy of its donors.  WAER does not sell, trade or rent its contributor or donor lists to any organization (non-profit or commercial) or any candidate, political party or political committee.  Contact development director Mary Evans at if you have questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your information