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The 315 is a new WAER Original podcast hosted by Joe Lee and  Kevin Kloss. Over the last few years, Syracuse has witnessed an effort to change the public discourse and, therefore, image of Syracuse as a cold, snowy, dreary place to live.  The 315 proposes to ride the wave of this movement to foster a more positive view of the region. 

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If you've ever felt the burden of needing to decide what you want to eat before heading out to dinner, you're not alone. But, if things continue to progress the way they seem, that won't be a problem for Syracuse residents next year.

The Salt City Market is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020, offering a food hall with culinary options as diverse as the city itself. On this episode of The 315, Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss chat with Market Manager, Adam Sudmann and two potential venders about how the food hall could impact the Syracuse area. 

It's a challenge to get a dozen people in the same room to all agree on anything. But, in an effort to create a beer that embodies the essence of Syracuse, 15 craft brewers from the area came together to create the beer 'Autonomous Collective'.

This week on the 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss sit down with one of brewers who had a hand in the collboration, Isaac Rubenstein of Middle Age Brewing. The three discuss, the flavor profile of the beer, how the collaboration all came together, and local reaction to the beer. 

Some of us have spent enough time around Central New York that we can practically go about our everyday routines in our sleep. But what is life like in Syracuse for someone who is brand new to the area?

This week on The 315,  Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss try to answer some of those questions  as they chat with Lydia Knox, Meteorologist at CNY Central. She's been in town for less than six months and offers a true newcomer's perspective. Listen and be reminded about some of wonderful aspects of Syracuse that perhaps we take for granted. 

There's a lot that goes into the makeup of any city. When we stop to think about the city of Syracuse a diverse array of cultures should hopefully come to mind. This week on The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss chat with Victoria Coit, Founder and Director of Operations and Business Development for Cuse Culture.  

The three chat about how the organization hopes to impact the culture of Syracuse, how they're encouraging local young professionals and about their upcoming festival.

On the heels of a historic box office showing of Avengers: Endgame, Central New York doesn't have to look very far to get it's fill of comic books and popular culture. The 6th annual Salt City Comic-Con plans to bring the best of comics, toys, entertainment, collectables, and more as the convention moves to it's new location at the New York State Fairgrounds.

This week on The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss tap into their inner geek and chat with the gentlemen running the Salt City Comic-Con, Allen LaVenture and Thomas Yeldon. They discuss what's new at the convention, what talent will be appearing and we talk a little cosplay.

Don't be fooled, it's getting to be that time of year when music venues around Syracuse are going to be filled with touring musical acts. On this episode of The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss are joined by singer and songwriter Kevin Gordon. 

He'll be performing at the Nelson Odeon on Sunday June 23rd but before that, he stoppped by the WAER studio to discuss his latest album 'Tilt and Shine'. They also chat about what sets him apart from his peers, and what environments help shape musicians.

It's true Syracuse tries its best to offer its resident a diverse array of music. But it's also true that Syracuse has a robust Jazz and Country scene thriving throughout the area. So what happens to young aspiring artists trying to do things a little different?

This week on The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss chat with up and coming hip-hop, pop, & rap artist Furco. He talks about how he first got his feet wet in music, how the hip-hop scene is growing in Syracuse, and he performs a freestyle rap.

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains portions of mature language. 

Each year when the annual 'Taste of Syracuse' festival arrives it signals the unofficial start of summer and a good reason to take in some excellent food. On this episode of The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss make the trip to Clinton Square to see what this year's lineup has to offer.

But before that, the boys swing by 'Glazed and Confused' to chat with the donut shop that's set the bar for sweet breakfast treats in Syracuse. 

Katie Zilcosky / WAER

Whether you've lived in Central New York for 12 years or closer to 12 months we all have our favorite spots to stop for  a bite to eat. This week on The 315, we are going to try and break out of our usual routine and experience some new local destinations for food  and drink. 

Kevin Kloss is joined by Katie Zilcosky this week as they travel to Freedom of Espesso for coffee, All Night Eggplant to experience local diner food, and The Sweet Praxis for dessert,

For over 40 years, the incomparable Nancy Kelly has wowed audiences all over the world.  Her trademark swing/bop style has kept toes tapping and fingers snapping while staying true to the music she loves.  Her latest record pays tribute to the late great jazz vocalist Mark Murphy.  Murphy, a Syracuse native, passed in October of 2015 leaving behind an astounding body of work.  With “Tribute to Mark Murphy”, Nancy Kelly pays homage to Murphy’s unique style and most beloved songs.  She sat with The 3-1-5’s Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss to talk about the music and her early introduction to the legendary jazz singer.

Note:  Songs heard on this episode include Song for the Geese, Sunday in New York, and On the Red Clay from Nancy Kelly’s Tribute to Mark Murphy available at  Information for the CD release celebration at the Wunderbar Theater on June 9th can be found at