Latin Perspective on HD2 Jazz 88

Tuesdays at Midnight and 1 PM
  • Hosted by Tony Vasquez

Latin Jazz has its own unique place in the Jazz idiom.  Born out of the American Jazz and Afro-Cuban music cauldron, it combines jazz's syncopated improvisational qualities with prominently featured polyrhythmic African percussion, often with dynamic horn sections. 

 WAER is pleased to add "Latin Perspective" hosted by Tony Vasquez to our weekly line-up.  It's a one-hour, power-packed show, featuring some of the best Latin Jazz you've ever heard! 

 Tony (a veteran Latin Jazz host) has an extremely high aptitude in terms of knowledge of the music, and its evolution.  And  he is a purist when it comes to hosting; He's always going to tell you who the sidemen are, and draw connections between artists, music styles and recordings.

 But the most dynamic thing about "Latin Perspective" is the music; It is just simply off the hook!  Tony, a true connoisseur, has consumed volumes of this music for decades, and uses his one hour show to showcase some of the best of the genre.  

 The hour combines classic tunes with recordings of some of the most promising new artists, easily moving through various styles, and tying it all together with succinct mic breaks.

We're excited about the opportunity to make "Latin Perspective" available to our listeners. Even the most casual Jazz or Latin Jazz listener will find the music on this show compelling, invigorating and intoxicating.