Syracuse Speaks

Syracuse Speaks is the new public affairs program from WAER that discusses the issues that matter to you! WAER's News Director Chris Bolt and Host/ Feature Reporter Katie Zilcosky host the program that follows a rountable discussion format. The roundtable typically includes, community leaders, local organizations, and academic resources from Syracuse University. 

We can't avoid aging. 

But as we grow older our physical health, our cognitive ability, and our living situation can start to change. Financial health is also important, as it affects where we live and the choices we can make to age as happy and healthy as possible.

Jennifer Weeks-Oseda / WAER

Nearly a quarter of Syracuse residents move at least once a year, which is more than twice the national average. In some parts of the city, that number can rise to as high as 35%. All of this moving can cause physical and mental health issues. It can also erode a greater sense of commuity. 

CNY Speaks is the new public affairs program from WAER that aims to discuss  issues and stories that matter to members of the Central New York community. The show debuted with a roundtable discussion about the future of I-81. WAER News Director Chris Bolt and Host/Reporter Katie Zilcosky facilitated a roundtable discussion to outline the timeline for a decision regarding the highway and how it could end up impacting the surrounding areas. 

Joining the WAER staff was Yusuf Abdul Qadir, Director of the Central New York Chapter  of The New York Civil Liberties Union, Jonathan Link Logan, Director of Northside UP at Centerstate CEO, and Dr. Anne Mosher ,Associate Professer and Chair of Citizenship and Civil Engagment at Syracuse University.