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Ask Me Another
Saturdays at 11 AM

NPR's Ask Me Another is a lively hour of puzzles, word games, and trivia played in front of (and with) a live audience. Ask Me Another's entertaining melange of brainteasers and fun is a descendant of Weekend Edition Sunday's Puzzle Segment with Will Shortz, but infused with the vibrancy and quick wit of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me.

Listeners can play along, testing their knowledge of history, geography, literature, grammar, spelling, pop culture and even mathematics along with the competitors called up to the stage.

Yes, we do math on the radio. But it's our distinct brand. Try this on your loved ones: Total number of Brontë Sisters, plus total number of Marx Brothers? Or how about the total of Dalmatians, plus all those Luftballoons, divided by Ali Baba's thieves?

Ask Me Another host, noted comedian and storyteller Ophira Eisenberg, guides listeners with her witty banter aided by the comedic riffs and songs of house musician Jonathan Coulton. Each episode features an interview with a VIP (that's Very Important Puzzlers -- noteable actors, comedians, and authors whose identities are revealed via puzzle clues throughout the show), who then takes a turn in the contestant's chair facing trivia games written especially for him or her.

Produced weekly in collaboration with WNYC,

Latest Episodes
  • From the series Shrill, Lolly Adefope and E.R. Fightmaster work together in a music parody game where songs with the word "heart" in the title are rewritten to be about other things starting with H.
  • Actors Lolly Adefope and E.R. Fightmaster (Shrill) must determine if a fact is about Dolly Parton, the Dalai Lama... or BOTH?
  • Actor Andrew Rannells looks back on his time as Elder Price in the Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon. Then, he plays a game about HGTV lingo.
  • Ohio natives and childhood friends comic Beth Stelling (Girl Daddy on HBO Max) and actor Micah Stock (Netflix's Bonding) are challenged to a fact-filled game about The Buckeye State.
  • Actor Micah Stock and comic Beth Stelling play an audio game where great quotes from theatre are read poorly by an emotionless robot. "Oh, yeah? See if you could do any better." Said the robot.
  • Creator and star of Netflix's Special, Ryan O'Connell, discusses writing about his cerebral palsy and reveals the best playground swing in Los Angeles.
  • Real Estate bandmates Martin Courtney and Alex Bleeker compete in a 90s themed music parody game about things from the 1890s, 1790s, 1690s... you get it.
  • From the indie rock band Real Estate, bandmates Alex Bleeker and Martin Courntney put their time on the road to good use in a game about brands with different regional names around the United States.
  • Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes talks about his pandemic puppy and his new medical podcast HypocondriActor. Then, he plays two games inspired by his obsession with medical stories.
  • Actor Mary Holland and director Maureen Bharoocha (Golden Arm) guess if the failed products described are real or fake.