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WAER Holiday Specials

This Labor Day Weekend don't forget to bring along WAER and our selection of special programs.

Saturday September 2nd at 8pm

Innovation Hub: A Better Way To Learn-As summer winds to a close and kids head back to class, Innovation Hub examines some major controversies, and important findings, in education — from why college campuses have shifted ideologically – and the implications of that shift – to the tumultuous moment when the Ivy League went co-ed. Plus, can our reading habits lead to a longer life?

Saturday September 2nd at 9pm

Working The Night Shift- On this Labor Day Weekend, WFUV news catches up with local night shift workers to get their perspective on life after dark, balancing family obligations and the big question -- when do they sleep? This sound-rich hour introduces listeners to a colorful cast of night shift workers, from police officers to firefighters to a singing sanitation worker. The show also features interviews with a sociologist concerned that the needs of night shift workers are not being appropriately addressed and a sleep expert.

Monday September 4th at 2pm

The Mind of an Innovator- We’re told almost daily that we need innovation; that it drives prosperity and economic growth and is the engine of job creation.  We hear about these innovations all the time.  But do we ever stop and wonder where the innovation comes from?  What fosters it?  How we keep it flowing?  In this program we tell the stories of some of real-world change-makers, examine just where their big ideas come from and demonstrate exactly how innovators cultivate an environment of curiosity and experimentation. 

Monday September 4th at 8pm

Work' N Music: A Labor Day Weekend Special- From mining to manufacturing, housework to ranching, hear the factual history and realities of American labor, wages, employment, progress, quitting, firing, and hiring, surrounded by songs about the toughness, dangers, and joys of work.