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Major Rowing Events Return to Onondaga Lake Park This Summer


  The shores of Onondaga Lake Park will be making serious waves this summer. The US Northeast Mid-Atlantic Masters Regional Championship (NEMA) will be held here in Syracuse. The county will be funding a new 7 lane 2,000 meters course.  The course will be located on the eastern shore of Onondaga Lake. Syracuse Chargers President Joe Bufano says it’s the first regatta here since 1993.

 “This will bring approximately 500 – 750 athletes to the community to compete. It’s a day long regatta. They will come here on Saturday and practice and get familiar with the course. We haven’t hosted a race like this in over 15 years.”

The masters rowing event hosted in city of Grand Rapids last year reeled in about an estimate 2.2 million dollars in 4 days. Visit Syracuse President David Holder says Syracuse can expect significant revenue from the event.

“This is about a group of individuals that is dedicated to their passion, their activity, and their ability to amplify that activity now into a national event, into a new facility for this area. This is something that is going to create more economic activity and quite frankly a higher caliber quality of life for our residents here.”

This summer’s master regatta is set for June 28. Registration opens in April. But before anyone can say “You got a Regatta” a lot of ice has gotta melt.

Snowy Ononadaga Lake