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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

  • On this episode of Pop Life we continue our month long series with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Joining Kendall Phillips this week to discuss the Academy’s effort in film preservation is the Academy Film Archive’s Director Michael Pogorzelski.”. He and Kendall discuss the number of great films that have been lost over the years, what the academy saw that made them decide to take film preservation seriously, and the process of restoring specific films.
  • This week on Pop Life, we kick off a three-part series taking a look at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. And we get it started with Director and President, Jacqueline Stewart. In addition to her work at the museum, Jacqueline is also a Professor in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at The University of Chicago.Host Kendall Phillips and Jacqueline discuss the unique work of the museum, specific displays that the museum houses that still gives Jacqueline chills, and the importance of preservation in the academy deciding to open a museum.