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Voters from Binghamton to Cortland, Utica to Lake Ontario are choosing a congress member in the expansive 22nd congressional district to replace retiring Richard Hanna.

Two seasoned public servants are vying for the 126th Assembly District.  Current Representative, Republican Gary Finch has been in office since 2000 and owns a small business.  Democrat Diane Dwire is a Veteran, she once chaired the Onondaga Democratic Committee.  Finch says he has several initiatives he wants to accomplish including green algae issues in Owasco Lake and the heroin epidemic.

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Onondaga County residents will soon be able to see how their neighbors voted thanks to a new Results Caster system.  Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny says anyone can go to their website to see how individual districts reported on each race on Election Night.  He demonstrates how to use the system using 2015 election data from the county executive race.

New Campaign Push to Mobilize Voters as Election Day Approaches

Oct 31, 2016
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Central New York is entering the final countdown with less than eight days until Election Day. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters are making their final campaign pushes. And they’re calling it G-O-T-V or Get Out The Vote. Clinton supporters are spreading the word all this week by making calls to people around the state.  Onondaga County legislature Democratic Leader Linda Ervin says this is important because they cannot rely on New York’s historically democratic record.

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If she’s elected to the New York State Assembly, Democrat Diane Dwire says she will focus on confronting the heroin and opioid epidemic sweeping the country.  She notes how the problem of addiction is clear in the four counties covered by the 126th district, and across the nation as well.

They’re already caught in this prison of addiction and I really like that because I think that’s a good symbol,” She says.  “It’s a prison of addiction and we need to help them to get on the path of recovery.”  

What can the chosen candidate of New York’s 24th Congressional District do to bring more jobs and improve the economy in Central New York?  We’ve heard from the candidates on social security and on drug policy.  Today WAER’s Chris Bolt asks the candidates how they are trying to cope with a business landscape that’s constantly evolving.

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  This November there will be 3 candidates vying for the New York State Senate Seat currently held by Senator Chuck Schumer.  He will have to face off against Republican Wendy Long and Libertarian Alex Merced.  In the current political atmosphere, third-party candidates such as Merced see an opening for more than just the traditional 2-party campaign.

    There’s more evidence that the Presidential race may be effecting which party controls the State Senate.

Currently, the GOP is holding on, with the help of one Democrat who meets with them. But a new Siena College poll finds that nearly two thirds of voters think that Donald Trump at the top of the ticket will not help Republicans hold on to the Senate, and Hilary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate will actually help Democrats regain the Senate, says Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg.


Utica Area Republican Congress Member Richard Hanna made public his decision Tuesday to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.  In a letter to The Syracuse Post Standard and Syracuse-dot-com, Hanna says he fears Donald Trump will make issues such as tax reform, infrastructure, immigration and the environment much worse.  In the opinion letter Hanna further calls Trump offensive and narcissistic. 

Syracuse Congress Member, Challenger and Law Professor Weigh in on Supreme Court Vacancy

Feb 22, 2016
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Central New York is weighing in on the Supreme Court vacancy and sharing some opinions about what happens next.

The court opening that came after last week’s death of Justice Antonin Scalia has started a debate about whether the president should nominate a replacement or wait almost a year for the next president to take office. Syracuse-area congress member John Katko has no problem with Mr. Obama making a choice, but wonders how the confirmation process might go.