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Central New Yorkers who are struggling with opioid addiction now have the option to stay a residential facility while they recover.  Elements of CNY in Liverpool is the first treatment center of its kind in the county and will provide stabilization, rehabilitation, and reintegration services.

A drug treatment expert is praising Governor Cuomo’s proposal to ban a synthetic Opioid derived from Fentanyl that is adding to the Opioid crisis. 

The Governor’s plan aims to expand access to Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT, and treat synthetic Fentanyl as a controlled substance, making it illegal and easier for law enforcement to fight.

A panel of medical experts and Central New Yorkers with personal connections to the opioid epidemic will gather Thursday, October 25 in Skaneateles to discuss the ongoing crisis.  The program is the first in a “Master Class Series” being presented by St. James Episcopal Church.

Onondaga County Health Department

As the heroin epidemic continues unabated, a paramedic who’s responded to drug overdoses for decades says it’s time to lift the stigma of addiction.  In this final part in our series, he says thinking differently might get more people the help they need…and save lives.

Director of Operations for TLC ambulance Lon Fricano says the more we talk about addiction and bring it out of the shadows, the stronger prevention and treatment efforts can be.