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The two members of Central New York’s congressional delegation are optimistic that there will be bipartisan cooperation on some of President Trump’s priorities outlined in his State of the Union Address despite the divisive political climate and an upcoming election.

Utica-area congressmember Anthony Brindisi brought Upstate priorities to the White House on Friday, where he and a handful of other key lawmakers had the ear of Vice President Mike Pence.  Brindisi says they’re very close to a vote in the house on the US Mexico/Canada Trade agreement, or USMCA. 


Central New York’s Congress Members followed party lines on today’s impeachment procedural vote. 

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A Central New York Congressmember says a lack of response by the International Joint Commission about recent Lake Ontario flooding events is why he’s launched an online letter writing campaign. Anthony Brindisi represents eastern portions of Oswego County and plans to write weekly. 

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The latest mass shootings have New York’s state federal elected officials raising their voices in a call for tougher federal gun control measures.  But veryone seems to have a different idea on the best way to address the problem.

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Much of the nation’s attention today has been focused on the release of the Mueller report.  The founder of Syracuse University’s Insititue for National Security and Counterterrorism has been following developments of the investigation into collusion and obstruction of justice by the President and staff. 

CNY Congressmembers Feel Generally Optimistic After State of the Union Address

Feb 6, 2019

Central New York's representatives in Congress wanted to hear a desire for bipartisanship in President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. What they got was a president who spoke of collaboration on some issues, but emphasized other areas of division.  WAER spoke with both Republican John Katko and Democrat Anthony Brindisi to get their reactions and to see what it means for Congress going forward.

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The two key Congressional races in Central New York were very tight – as polls suggested all along.  In the  Utica area, Claudia Tenney is clinging to hope that absentee ballots will fill the gap between her and Democrat Anthony Brindisi. 

Midterm 2018 Results: House of Representatives, State Senate, and More

Nov 7, 2018
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The House of Representatives flipped from Republican to Democrat on Tuesday, and New York's 22nd Congressional District contributed to the shift in political power.

Voters in New York’s 22nd Congressional District have a pretty clear choice between two candidates who disagree on many major issues.  The district covers Oswego to Utica to Binghamton with diverse populations and interests.