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How might the state move forward positively after all the negative impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic?  Governor Andrew Cuomo Tuesday laid out plans to help the unemployed, revitalize the arts community, and boost green energy.  It was the second part of his State of the State Address, and Cuomo says we cannot rely on the coronavirus vaccine to bring things back to normal.

Auburn Public Theater

We're wrapping up week seven of the COVID-19 shutdown, and we’re once again checking in with some of Central New York’s arts and culture venues to see how they’re coping.  WAER News caught up with Auburn Public Theater and found out they’re offering virtual programs four times a week.

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The extension of the state’s stay-at-home order into mid-May means at least another month without foot traffic and ticket revenue for Central New York’s already struggling arts, culture, and heritage institutions.  We’ve been bringing you stories all week from select venues and performers trying to stay engaged with fans and audiences since the forced closures began over a month ago.

Syracuse’s freelance singers and musicians are among those whose gigs all but evaporated after COVID-19 began shutting down bars, restaurants, casinos, banquet halls, and music venues.  Here's the next story in our series on how live performers are coping without places to perform. 


Many of Central New York’s arts and culture institutions were heading into the final leg of their seasons when restrictions on large gatherings due to COVID-19 shut them down about a month ago.  Symphoria clearly counts on ticket sales and live audiences, but now musicians have nowhere to play but at home. 

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Restrictions on large gatherings have all but paralyzed Central New York’s arts, culture, and heritage institutions after they were forced to close about a month ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  That includes the Redhouse, which has postponed the remainder of its season. 

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Venues in Central New York that count on ticket sales and foot traffic to sustain them are facing uncertain times in the coming months as the closures due to COVID-19 drag on.  WAER News brings you the first in a series of stories on museums, theaters, as well as musicians wondering what’s next.

This time of year is typically the peak time for school field trips at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse.  President Lauren Kochian says they’re missing out on $90,000 in revenue from 18,000 students that would ordinarily stream through the doors between mid-March and the end of the school year.

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George Winston might be best known for his piano recordings and concerts.  But the musician, who visits Central New York this weekend, is a multi-instrumentalist with a history of helping others. 

Tom Honan

A 4-day concert and festival event wrapped up this weekend at the original site of Woodstock marking its 50th anniversary.  For some people it was a sort-of homecoming, while others just wanted to get a feeling of the original, iconic event.   

Tom Honan

Fans of music and the history of Woodstock got to connect directly to the past through one of the musicians that played there Saturday at Bethel Woods.  For many it was also a chance to touch their own history.