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Thursday marked the start of new rules regarding who can be held on bail in New York State. The new law rolls back some bail reform measures passed in 2019, and criminal justice advocates say it’s the wrong time to do it, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

NYS Budget Includes Bail Reform Rollback

Apr 2, 2020
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New York State lawmakers were finishing up the state budget Thursday, two days after the deadline.  One area of contention was making changes to the state’s bail reform laws. In the end, they compromised.

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The Leader of the New York State Senate says it’s likely that changes will soon be made to the state’s new bail reform laws, which end most forms of cash bail for non violent offenses. Meanwhile the state’s chief judge also called for amendments to the laws.

Poll: More New Yorkers Opposing New Bail Laws

Feb 24, 2020
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A new poll released Monday shows support for the state’s bail reform plummeting, following weeks of pushback about the new laws from police groups and prosecutors.

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Rachel May will be among the Democrats in the New York State Senate who will consider proposed changes to the recently enacted criminal justice reforms that have generated several weeks of heated debate. 

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The fight over recently enacted bail reform heated up at the Capitol Tuesday, with dueling events by police and activists that at times centered on charges of racism surrounding a Facebook page that calls for the law to be repealed.

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Onondaga County lawmakers approved a non-binding resolution Tuesday telling the state to make immediate changes to the criminal justice reforms that took effect January 1.  They include returning discretion to judges to impose bail for certain crimes, and for the state to fund the additional cost of implementing mandates under the reforms.  

Republican state lawmakers will be holding roundtable forums around the state to discuss the fallout from the state’s newly enacted criminal justice reforms. Most forms of cash bail for nonviolent crimes ended on January 1st.

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The backlash to New York’s new law that ends most forms of cash bail continues at the Capitol, but the Senate Leader says she does not want to rush to change the reforms until they are given a chance to work.

There are some cracks among some top state Democrats in their support for new criminal justice reforms that have eliminated most forms of cash bail.  Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s Attorney General are among those now saying they are open to making some changes.