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Climate change can feel like a distant, heady topic. While fully understanding the nuances of the science behind it can be complicated, its effects are very real. And it is impacting people globally and in our community.

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There’s a new housing option in Syracuse for people just released from prison.  The project is designed as part of a reentry program for residents, like Michael Hunter, who must readjust to life after incarceration. 

We can't avoid aging. 

But as we grow older our physical health, our cognitive ability, and our living situation can start to change. Financial health is also important, as it affects where we live and the choices we can make to age as happy and healthy as possible.

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Two growing populations in Central New York, new Americans and the elderly, are also typically undercounted in the census. The amount of federal dollars the area will receive depends on an accurate count of these populations.

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More than one million dollars in federal HUD money is up for grabs in Central New York to provide subsidized housing for vulnerable populations.  About $460,000 is available for short term and permanent housing with case management and other services. 

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As many as 600 people are expected to fill Marcellus Park next week for the annual 5K walk/run to raise awareness for ovarian cancer.   “Teal There’s a Cure” is holding its 11th annual fundraiser on July 4th.  Ovarian cancer might be one of the less common types of cancer, but it does have a comparatively lower survival rate due to its later diagnosis.  Committee member Wendy Carl Isome is a survivor. She was diagnosed in 2010.

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Driverless vehicles, drones, and other forms of artificial intelligence are starting to enter our lives. Syracuse University launched a first of its kind institute to study these autonomous systems this past May. The Autonomous Systems Policy Institute or ASPI plans to take an interdisciplinary approach, bringing a number of its schools together to focus on autonomous systems.

Drone Technology and its Benefits Kicks of Tech Week in Syracuse

Apr 23, 2019
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Drone technology was the focus of the first day of Syracuse Tech Week at the Hotel Syracuse Monday. In true tech week fashion, the event began with assemblyman Al Stirpe being interviewed by a robot. 

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Central New York economic development officials have been left disappointed after a deal to bring Amazon to New York City fell through. Centerstate CEO Senior Vice President Andrew Fish worries that community opposition to the plan sent a message that the state is not the friendliest place to conduct business. 

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Environmental groups in New York see danger…and opportunity in the Federal government’s series of reports last week about the implications of climate change.  The report cautioned that failure to address the issue could be detrimental, specifically that in-action would severely damage the American economy over the next half-century.