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Xiaoyan Zhang / Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion

There’s a large gap in child poverty rates between single-mother families and single-father families. Since 1974, child poverty rates among single-mother families has often rested above 35%, whereas the latter has consistently been under 25%.

Increasingly public schools have to do far more for children than teach reading, math and other subjects.  They’ve become the first line of defense against poverty for the school kids and their families.  Services from nutrition and health, to housing, child care and mental health have become necessities for schools to handle – if they want the students to be in school and prepared to learn. 

WAER’s Chris Bolt spent some time in Franklin Elementary School and found out school social workers are an indispensable link between poverty and school success.

Chris Bolt/WAER News

  A former orphanage in Syracuse has been turned into a place that’s trying to improve learning - and the future - for some of Syracuse’s less fortunate children.  The Determination Center got some attention from the area’s Congressional representative Wednesday that just might help.

Workforce Development Institute

Working parents in Onondaga County who send their children to daycare could be getting some relief.