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Central New York’s live performance spaces and other arts venues are hoping their efforts to reach audiences virtually over most of the past year pay off when patrons return in person after the pandemic.  But it hasn’t always been easy, and not all have been able to purchase equipment or have the technical expertise to make the transition. 

CNY Arts facebook page

Like almost any other industry, the arts took a serious hit amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Central New York arts sector projects $15 million in losses by September.  CNY Arts Executive Director Stephen Butler says local theaters, museums and galleries are at a disadvantage in the race to reopen.

CNY Arts facebook page

The extension of the state’s stay-at-home order into mid-May means at least another month without foot traffic and ticket revenue for Central New York’s already struggling arts, culture, and heritage institutions.  We’ve been bringing you stories all week from select venues and performers trying to stay engaged with fans and audiences since the forced closures began over a month ago. 

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The 27th annual Westcott Street Cultural Fair on Sunday drew tens of thousands of residents to the main road for six stages of music and dancing, more than seventy booths for artisan goods, and a diverse selection of food. But this was no ordinary street fair. Sharon Sherman, Chair of the Westcott Fair, says the festivities were a celebration of all the neighborhood has accomplished, and what it has become.

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A third year grad student who is pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts Degree in painting at Syracuse University has found his work on full display at the U.S. Bowling Congress event in Syracuse.  Even before players and people go inside to the lanes, they’ll likely stop in the foyer entrance to see a display of suspended bowling balls from the ceiling.  They’re colorful and arranged by Mark Zbikowski, Jr. who is also a practicing professional artist.  He calls the sculpture, “It’s In Our Blood 2.0.”