Cooper Boardman

On the finale of Talkback, host Cooper Boardman looks back at the five decades of WAER and Syracuse alumni who have been interviewed for this podcast. Since April, 52 play-by-play announcers, TV anchors and talk show hosts have explained what SU meant to them and the path they took after leaving the Hill. This episode, begins in 1968 with Len Berman and ends this past March with 2020 Sports Director Jack McMullen. Along the way, we look back at the common lessons learned during the pandemic and across generations who all came through WAER. 

As the calendar nears June, ballparks across the country are still silent. On this week's episode of Talkback, host Cooper Boardman talks with two Major League Baseball announcers who grew up around the game of baseball. They share the experiences that shaped their love for America's National Pastime.