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Republican Marc Molinaro continues his tour across New York calling out Governor Cuomo for ongoing corruption and its impact on state business and eroding public trust.   Molinaro’s visit to Syracuse Thursday came on the same day Cuomo Administration official Joe Percoco was sentenced to six years for accepting bribes from leaders of state contractors. 

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Former Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver was sentenced to seven years in prison Friday after being convicted for a second time on federal corruption charges.

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Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs have been the subject of two federal corruption trials that ended with convictions for two of Cuomo’s former associates.  Some say problems with the state’s $9 billion economic development programs  go beyond  corruption, and  that the structure of the  programs  is flawed.

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The second set of corruption convictions of former associates of Governor Cuomo has renewed calls to reform  the governor’s multi billion dollar economic development program that was at the heart of the bribery and bid rigging cases. But Cuomo says the problem has already been fixed.


A federal jury found Governor Andrew Cuomo’s former top aide Joe Percoco guilty on three counts of bribery and conspiracy to commit honest service fraud, in a Manhattan court room on Tuesday.

Percoco, Cuomo’s former closest aide who has been described as being like a “brother” to the governor, was found guilty of participating in two bribery schemes, where he netted nearly $300,000.

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Republicans are seeking political advantage in the federal corruption trial of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s former closest aide.  One of the governor’s opponents is pressuring Cuomo to answer some of the revelations in the trial about how state business was conducted, and whether a pay to play “atmosphere” was created.

Senate Deputy Majority Leader and Republican candidate for Governor John DeFrancisco stood outside the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan on a windy winter day.

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The second New York State legislative leader to be convicted by federal prosecutors has had his conviction overturned on appeal.

A three judge federal appeals court panel rescinded the conviction of former State Senate Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam, who were convicted of extortion and bribery in an alleged scheme by the elder Skelos to use his political influence to steer work and award a no-show job to his son.

Prosecutors say they will retry Skelos.

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An ethics reform proposal quietly circulated between Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders for a possible special session that could also include a pay raise is getting blasted by the State’s Attorney General as possibly unconstitutional. @navnoor_kang

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is bringing charges against a former portfolio manager in the state’s pension fund, saying he accepted bribes from two hedge fund brokers, that included prostitutes and illegal drugs.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who is not implicated in the case, says in a statement that he’s “outraged” by the “shocking betrayal” of  the former portfolio manager, Navnoor Kang, who was fired in February . And DiNapoli thanked the U.S. Attorney for bringing the charges. @NYSComptroller

  The state’s Comptroller has a plan to reduce corruption in the awarding of economic development contracts that has led to the indictment of several former associates of Governor Cuomo.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli was taken out of the review process for some state economic development contracts in a state law passed in 2011, and since then a former top aide to Governor Cuomo and a former key State University official, along with seven others, have been charged with bribery and bid rigging, among other crimes.