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The democratic candidate for Onondaga County Executive says he won’t accept campaign contributions from any entity that does business with the county.  Tony Malavenda says it’s almost impossible not to be influenced after taking large sums of money from corporations, firms, practices, and consultants.

The Democratic candidate for Onondaga county executive says it’s time the county’s leaders follow the city’s lead and commit to the independent redistricting of its 15 legislative districts.  Tony Malavenda praises the common council for voting this week to amend the city charter to establish a non-partisan group of residents to draw district boundaries.

How Might Ryan McMahon Govern as County Executive? Expect a Hands-on Approach

Sep 28, 2018
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A change at the top of Onondaga County government will not result in any changes in policies or practices.  But It might result in a change of leadership style. Ryan McMahon is expected to replace Joanie Mahoney as County Executive after her resignation. 

“Nobody is irreplaceable. I think Joanie has done a great job and I’m really happy that Joanie is staying here, and she’s going to be working here at two of our larger employers helping drive success there.”

  Onondaga County voters will head to the polls Tuesday to choose their next county executive.  Toby Shelley says he wants to give voters a choice, and thinks there are many who are frustrated with Joanie Mahoney.  He describes himself as a moderate democrat who’s fiscally conservative…creating a unique political dynamic…

Unlike 2011, Onondaga County voters will actually have someone other than Joanie Mahoney to choose from for county executive on the ballot this November.  The county democratic committee Thursday evening designated two-time sheriff candidate Toby Shelley to challenge two-term incumbent Republican Mahoney.