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Top executives from Microsoft joined with the city of Syracuse, Onondaga County and Syracuse University Thursday to officially kick off a new Digital alliance.  Under the agreement, Microsoft will make Syracuse its first Northeast Technology Hub with an emphasis on creating an inclusive environment.

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Onondaga County is continuing its tough stance against businesses that aren’t paying their taxes.  County Executive Ryan McMahon is threatening criminal action and property seizures on several hotel properties. 

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Onondaga County’s Mental Health Services team is getting more resources to assist at-risk young people struggling with mental illness.   The Department of Children and Family Services will receive $4 million in federal funding over the next four years.

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Landlords that have lead contamination in their houses or apartments could find themselves the target of fines and criminal charges as Onondaga County is stepping up enforcement. Community and law enforcement officials today announced a series of forums to help landlords and builders know how to get rid of lead problems. / Liverpool Golf and Public Country Club

Onondaga County is trying to seal the deal with a real estate firm on a massive $280 million warehouse proposal in the town of Clay that could employ up to one thousand people.  The 3.7 million square foot facility would be on the site of what’s now the Liverpool Country Club on Morgan Road. 

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Onondaga County's aggressive plan to go after back taxes is starting to pay off.  The county is going after the biggest tax cheats with lawsuits and property, and that's convinced some of the smaller properties that were well behind on tax bills to pay up. 

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Onondaga and surrounding counties are ready to take the next step in trying to reduce the area’s high poverty rate.  A call is out this week for proposals that can address some of the barriers and challenges that make it hard for people to get out of poverty. 

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Onondaga County lawmakers have thrown their support behind a new strategy that could lead to the seizure of certain tax delinquent properties.  The county executive’s plan to create the County Accountability and Reinvestment Corporation is seen as another tool to go after commercial properties with the goal of future development. 

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A day before the holiday in which America celebrates freedom, Syracuse and Onondaga County leaders are celebrating another icon of freedom – Harriet Tubman.  They announced winners of the National Harriet Tubman Freedom awards.  Sean McLeod is with the New York Institute of Dance and executive Producer of the awards. 

“And what better icon do we have in our country to represent freedom.  The concept of what that struggle movement looked like, and the fact that Central New York was central in that freedom movement, is very significant.”

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Tax delinquent homes draw a lot of attention … but corporate properties currently owe Onondaga County more than $45 million dollars in back taxes, according to officials.  The county has a new strategy to go after the money – or the property.