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Liverpool Central School District was among the districts that resumed in-person learning for their students five days a week starting Monday for the first time since the pandemic began. Superintendent Mark Potter says prior to this week, the district was operating on a hybrid basis, having different groups of students come in for two days a week while others joined classes virtually.  

He says the recent CDC and county change in guidelines of social distancing from six feet to three feet encouraged the district to make the shift.

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Many health and government leaders are putting enormous effort into ramping up vaccination against COVID 19.  Most of us probably know someone who’s received a shot, or maybe you’ve gotten one yourself.


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The March shooting in Atlanta that left six Asian women and two others dead along with other recent acts of violence against Asians across the country have exposed previously overlooked anti-Asian racism in America,  and even here in the city of Syracuse.


Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon couldn’t avoid the devastating impacts of the COVID pandemic in his state of the county address Wednesday night.  But he also laid out plans to spend stimulus funds and restore parts of the community. Syracuse

Central New York was hit hard during the second wave of the Coronavirus, and the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Syracuse was no different. Director of the Medical Center Dr. Frank Pearson says despite the expected challenges, the hospital was able to successfully weather the storm.

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New research on Syracuse University students during the pandemic shows they’re feeling extra stress, isolation, but also some silver linings.  The findings could help improve education that’s had to keep people apart.

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Workers advocates here in Central New York are calling attention to protections they say are needed in a wide variety of job categories.

Onondaga County officials shared some promising signs in COVID testing and vaccinations in a briefing Monday.  The area marks the one year anniversary of the first local case, and living through the global pandemic.

County Executive Ryan McMahon says the positive COVID testing rate is at 0.7% for the past week and has remained below 1.0-percent for more than a month.

It was one-year ago this week that Syracuse University made the decision to close down campus, as the COVID pandemic was rapidly growing.  Chancellor Kent Syverud is reflecting on that year … and remembers being questioned as the University initially tried to move forward.

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Telemedicine. You’ve probably heard the term passed around, or maybe you’ve even used the tech yourself to meet a doctor over the phone.  It’s like how you use Zoom to attend work meetings, except instead of sharing your screen with co-workers, you’re showing the doctor that funny mole you grew on your neck.