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Onondaga Community College students came together the best they could during a pandemic to celebrate Unity Day Wednesday.

“We have to do this. We have to keep doing Unity Day, especially now. Because we are not coming to school, we are not socializing as much, so I feel like now is when we need it the most,” said Keila Arencibia, a third year nursing student originally from Cuba.

Elderly New Yorkers can determine their risk for contracting COVID-19 thanks to a new online tool from the State’s Office for the Aging.  It’s called CV-19 Check-up, and allows you to put in anonymous information to see how likely you are to become infected, and how severe the infection can progress. 

Downtown Farmer's Market Ends Season Marked by Pandemic, Drought

Oct 13, 2020
John Smith / WAER News

The Downtown Syracuse Farmer’s Market has closed up shop for the season after four months of selling everything from fruits and vegetables to homemade specialties.  But at the same time, it has been difficult for some business owners to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Wilson

As campaigns enter their final month, Congress member John Katko and challenger Dana Balter are promoting ideas to prepare for a possible second coronavirus wave, and to help businesses suffering from the first one.  


Onondaga County school district students and faculty are still experiencing delays when trying to schedule an appointment at the NBT Bank Stadium coronavirus testing site. Thousands of calls have flooded Upstate Hospital’s phone lines, resulting in a backlog of appointment requests.

SCSD to Add 2,500 Air Filtration Systems to Classrooms

Sep 28, 2020
John Smith / WAER News

Syracuse City Schools have begun an effort to install nearly 2,500 air filtration systems in classrooms throughout the district. The district hired Pulaski-based HealthWay to construct their patented systems so students can return to school safely October 5th.

Women's Opportunity Center Forced to Lay Off Workers Due to COVID-19 Funding Crisis

Sep 22, 2020

The Onondaga and Tompkins County Women’s Opportunity Center has had to trim just about all of its staff, due to the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  Financial problems are mounting at a time the center’s directors say they’re help for women is needed most. 

Schumer Calls for Federal Relief for Local Theaters During Westcott Visit

Sep 8, 2020
Scott Willis / WAER News

The future of live event venues in Central New York is uncertain at best as limits on gatherings continue to keep them from fully reopening.  Sen. Chuck Schumer says there’s bipartisan support to include $10 billion in the next COVID-19 relief bill for music and theater venues. 

Experts Warn About Risks of Labor Day Travel

Sep 3, 2020
Courtesy Saffron Blaze / Wikimedia Commons

The upcoming holiday weekend usually spurs quite a bit of travel as Central New Yorkers want to get one last trip out of the summer.  This year the watch words for Labor Day might be “Close To Home.” 

Syracuse Survey Shows Increase in Financial Instability due to COVID-19

Aug 21, 2020
Courtesy David Wilson

A survey of more than 200 Syracuse residents during the COVID-19 shutdown confirmed that the pandemic exacerbated an already dire situation for the city’s most vulnerable residents.  Greater Syracuse H.O.P.E., an anti-poverty nonprofit, ran the survey in June.