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Onondaga County is working to set up a central rapid testing site for school students and staff showing symptoms of COVID-19.  The move comes after two students tested positive at two Syracuse-area elementary schools.  County Executive Ryan McMahon says the cases don’t come as a surprise, and they’re putting the infrastructure in place to handle them.

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The start of the 2020 school year finds parents, teachers and administrators questioning:  "Is it safe to head back to school without a vaccine for COVID-19?"  Researchers at Syracuse University have been researching effective ways air, heating and cooling systems may play to prevent airborne viruses from spreading while inside.  WAER takes you inside for an audio tour.

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More than 250 teachers in the Syracuse City School District have signed up for a four week course aimed at helping them provide effective remote learning for their students.  Syracuse University, the Allyn Foundation and a company called Blackboard are providing financial or in-kind support. 

Teachers Ask Gov. Cuomo to Mandate Masks in Schools

Sep 2, 2020
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Schools in New York are busy finalizing plans to partially reopen in a few weeks, and many colleges and universities have already begun classes. But those who work at the schools, including teachers and professors, say guidelines for when to wear masks need to be more comprehensive,  to help prevent spread of the coronavirus.  

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The union that represents more than 3,000 teachers in the Syracuse City School District wants to postpone live instruction until November 9th to ensure they can safely reopen for staff and students.  The Syracuse Teachers Association delivered its resolution to the school board last evening, right on the heels of their decision to move back the first day of school by one week to September 14th. 

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The Syracuse City School District has a re-opening plan that officials say should minimize the spread of COVID-19.  They’re introducing a two-one-two plan where K through 8 students would be split into two different cohorts. 


Onondaga County and school districts are working on ways to keep the COVID-19 infection rate low while also getting as many children back into school buildings as possible this fall. 

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The New York State Board of Regents issued preliminary guidelines for schools to reopen, as Governor Andrew Cuomo says the final decision on reopening will be data driven, and based on the rate of infection in September, and at any time during the upcoming school year.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that all schools in New York will be closed until the end of the school year.  At his daily briefing Friday,  he raised questions about summer school, and even whether schools will reopen in the fall.

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Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh says the impact to the city budget by the COVID-19 closures is now up to $30 million.  That’s up $10 million from about two weeks ago, with most of the deficit from a sharp decline in sales tax revenue.