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It's a challenge to get a dozen people in the same room to all agree on anything. But, in an effort to create a beer that embodies the essence of Syracuse, 15 craft brewers from the area came together to create the beer 'Autonomous Collective'.

This week on the 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss sit down with one of brewers who had a hand in the collboration, Isaac Rubenstein of Middle Age Brewing. The three discuss, the flavor profile of the beer, how the collaboration all came together, and local reaction to the beer.

Each year The New York State Brewers Association names the best in brewing and craft beers throughout the state. This week on The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss hit the road to visit The Prison City Pub and Brewery in Auburn, NY. 

The guys have the chance to taste some of the award winning beer, grab a bite to eat and chat with owner Mark Shultz about what makes his brewery so special.

WAER's Matt Mitchell

Recent changes in state law have brought incredible growth to New York State’s brewing industry, with even more brewery openings on tap in 2018.

Brewing veteran Pete Kirkgasser owns one local beneficiary of this brewing law overhaul. Priding itself as a neighborhood favorite centered around friendly conversation, his Eastwood Brewing Company celebrated its four-year anniversary on Saturday.

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There are thousands of beers on shelves and in bars and pubs across the world, but for the latest “on-tap” at the Empire Brewery in Syracuse, the owner says it could actually have some health benefits.  The main ingredient was imported from China in by chance partnership.    The first batch was sampled officially Tuesday morning, and contains brick tea produced by Jing-Way Fu Tea Company.  Vice President Luo Ping spoke through a translator.

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A popular craft brewery in Armory Square hopes to bottle its beer for the first time in its 20-year history with an expanded farm and bottling facility in Cazenovia.   Empire Brewing Company owns 22 acres of land off Route 13, and wants to grow the hops and barley there to make more beer in order to meet increasing demand.