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Democratic Congressional Candidate Dana Balter continues to make health care an issue in her race against Republican Congressman John Katko.

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Democratic Congressional candidate Dana Balter can now turn her sights to November and the general election.  The campaign’s focus and challenges are central now that Tuesday’s primary is behind her.


The day after Dana Balter’s surprisingly convincing primary win, she’s pretty much campaigning as usual.


  Dana Balter can put the primary battle behind her and now focus on the general election contest where she hopes the decisive victory will propel her to switch John Katko’s congressional seat to the Democrats.

The sound of applause, cheers and whistling roared out at Bowl Mor Lanes in East Syracuse Tuesday night, not because bowling balls were crashing against pins, but rather Dana Balter was celebrating her victory as the new Democratic Congressional nominee.

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Democrats selected Dana Balter to chellenge John Katko for his congressional seat in Tuesday's primary election.  She beat Juanita Perez Williams in a race where the two shared similar views on many issues.  

Concern over national issues boosted voter turnout with more than 23,000 people paticipating, nearly twice the number from  the 2016 primary.


We’re just a few days away from the Democratic primary in the 24th Congressional District and candidates will be knocking on doors and making appearances. 

The designated Democratic candidate Dana Balter says Syracuse does not have enough well-paying jobs and wants more investments to fuel a green economy.

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The first fight over a late entry of a Democratic Congressional Candidate in the 24th District has been settled by the State Board of Elections.  Juanita Perez-Williams was granted approval to face-off against the Onondaga County Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate Dana Balter in June.  Perez-Williams says that she assessed things on the sideline before launching her campaign.