deer management

Megan Coughlin / Flickr Creative Commons

After months of research and public input, the city of Syracuse’s deer and tick advisory board is ready to make recommendations on how to curb the problem. They’ve come up with a ten point plan that relies on the cooperation of county government, city divisions, and private citizens.


Syracuse residents dealing with deer in their neighborhoods have a chance to share their concerns and learn more about how the city might manage the problem at an information session on Tuesday evening.  Experts from the medical and research communities will be on hand to discuss the growing health and safety matter.  Councilor Joe Driscoll is leading the effort and says the deer population continues to grow in number and in range. 

Increase in Deer and Ticks in City Brings Health Risks; Mayor Walsh Wants Plan in Place

Apr 16, 2019

The Walsh Administration proposed spending $75,000 of the 2020 budget to combat the longstanding issue of the overpopulation of deer and ticks on the East and West sides of Syracuse. The effort comes as Lyme disease remains a serious health concern.

It appears the Village of Fayetteville is about to be the first in the county to go forward with a deer management plan.  Village trustees have decided to hire government sharpshooters to cull the deer herd instead of using volunteer bow hunters.  

  The village’s deer committee had recommended signing an agreement with the USDA animal and plant health inspection service.  Mayor Mark Olson says this means trained, professional sharpshooters will come in and do the work as opposed to using volunteer archers.