Downtown Dining Week

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The food scene in Syracuse is quite different from what it was even 5 years ago. Take Syracuse’s downtown dining week for example: Back in 2015, 26 restaurants participated. This year, there are 46.

Downtown Dining Weeks Returns with 8 New Restaurants

Feb 18, 2020
John Smith / WAER News

It‘s a good time of year to sample the various flavors of restaurants in Syracuse and save a few bucks during Downtown Dining Weeks.  The 16th annual promotion aims to generate more business in what might otherwise be a slow season during the winter by offering three-course dinner specials for $30 or less and lunch specials for $10 or less.   

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  Syracuse residents might be coming out of hibernation early this year, for the 11th annual Downtown Dining Weeks that start Monday. Some new restaurants have joined on along with old favorites, making for a record number of participants.