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Voters in this year’s local elections don’t have to wait until Election Day to cast their ballots.  For the first time, early voting is an option in Onondaga County and throughout the state, after New York lawmakers passed it into law earlier this year. 

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Onondaga County’s Democratic Elections Commissioner has been charged with driving for ride sharing services during county business hours.  A tip from an outside source back in March claimed Dustin Czarny was driving for Uber and Lyft. 

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Onondaga County Elections Commissioners demonstrated for the first time Wednesday how voters will check-in at the polls using new electronic poll books.  The bulky paper ledgers will be replaced with iPads, which will show a voter’s name, date of birth, and address. 

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Syracuse Common Councilors Monday took what’s being seen as a bold first step to give city residents the power to draw the boundaries of the five council districts.  The 7 to 1 vote to change the city charter makes Syracuse the first city east of the Mississippi to allow independent, non-partisan redistricting. 

Onondaga County Saw Presidential Level Turnout for Mid-Terms

Nov 8, 2018
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Election Day set records across the country for high voter turnout on Tuesday, and Onondaga County was no exception. 

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Another major milestone has been reached in the Syracuse mayoral election. Democratic hopefuls have submitted their petitions to stay in the race. There are five Democratic candidates: Joe Nicoletti, Juanita Williams, Alfonso Davis, Raymond Blackwell, and Marty Masterpole. But getting enough signatures doesn’t mean they’ll all be on the ballot.

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Onondaga County residents will soon be able to see how their neighbors voted thanks to a new Results Caster system.  Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny says anyone can go to their website to see how individual districts reported on each race on Election Night.  He demonstrates how to use the system using 2015 election data from the county executive race.