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The developer that wants to build a huge warehouse in the Town of Clay passed a couple of hurdles to help the project move forward – largely based on the possibility of up to 1000 new jobs.  The Onondaga County Industrial Development Authority – or OCIDA – approved tax breaks that total around $65  million  over 15 years. 

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Community members raised concerns about the huge warehouse proposal in the Town of Clay – from health worries to environmental impacts to traffic snarls.  The Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, OCIDA, held a public hearing Tuesday with representatives of the developer on hand. 

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You might have heard about the city of Syracuse plan to convert all its streetlights downtown to high efficiency LED’s with an advanced network connection between them all.  Mayor Ben Walsh confirms the work on that conversion started this week, right on Schedule.  And he continues to tout the benefits of the system. 

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The latest Downtown Progress Breakfast gave Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh an opportunity to highlight educational and economic projects he says can help transform the city in the future. 

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Some of the biggest public construction projects in Central New York are doing the least to help Syracuse’s minority population get jobs and reduce local poverty.  An analysis by two local groups found the workforces don’t mirror the racial makeup of the city or the county.  WAER’s Chris Bolt reports how public investments in progress could pay more dividends.

It might seem like one of the quickest ways out of poverty is a steady job.  But despite low unemployment and government-funded job training, those who need jobs the most find obstacles to getting them.  Some built-in factors get in the way but there are policies and practices that could hold promise.  In this episode of City Limits, Chris Bolt examines the role local businesses play in reducing poverty in Syracuse.

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The candidates for Syracuse’s only city race this election are facing long-term issues from poverty to education and more.  Three people are vying for one Councilor-at-Large seat to finish the term left when Helen Hudson became council president. 

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Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs have been the subject of two federal corruption trials that ended with convictions for two of Cuomo’s former associates.  Some say problems with the state’s $9 billion economic development programs  go beyond  corruption, and  that the structure of the  programs  is flawed.

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The head of Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs says he doesn’t think federal corruption trials now taking place will have any effect on the projects.

Governor Cuomo’s former top aide, Joe Percoco, is on trial in federal district court in Manhattan, charged with engineering two bribery schemes. One of the companies accused of participating in the crimes received funding through the state’s economic development programs. The two top leaders of COR development are co defendants in the trial.

A year-long study examining Central New York’s workforce finds there are plenty of jobs and plenty of people looking for work, but significant barriers to accessing those jobs.  The report “How CNY Works” was presented Tuesday by the Onondaga Citizens League at its annual meeting.