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Governor Andrew Cuomo is due to release his state budget plan this week, as the state confronts the largest budget deficit the governor has faced in his decade in office, much of it due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The state was already facing a $6 billion structural deficit when the fiscal year began last April, and Cuomo had been managing some of the shortfall by practicing some bookkeeping tricks, including delaying Medicaid payments due to health care providers for a few days at the end of the past two fiscal years so that they fell into the next fiscal year.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is warning of a  dangerous second wave of the COVID-19 virus, as new, more contagious  strains have begun to infiltrate the U.S.. And, as New York State struggles with its vaccination roll out, Cuomo says he’s asking on of the major manufacturers if the state can buy vaccines directly. 

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Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday gave what he says is the first of four State of the State speeches, in which he  says fighting the COVID-19 pandemic will be the  top priority.

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Governor Cuomo delivered the first of four parts of his state of the state address Monday, most of which revolves around fighting and recovering from the impact of COVID-19. 

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County leaders in New York say their health departments have been developing vaccination plans for years, and can help smooth the rocky roll out of the state’s vaccination program, but they need more cooperation from Governor Andrew Cuomo and his administration.

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While many New Yorkers will be happy to put 2020 behind them, there’s no denying it was a year like no other. At the Capitol, the Legislature took a back seat as Governor Andrew Cuomo gained power and popularity among residents who eagerly tuned in for his coronavirus briefings.  Here’s a look back at a most unusual year:

January began with the governor following a decades long tradition, giving a State of the State speech to a packed house of hundreds of guests, this year in the Capitol’s convention center.

Gov. Cuomo Hopes Virus Spike is an Aberration

Dec 28, 2020
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New York State’s positivity rate for the coronavirus jumped to 8.3% , according to the latest numbers released by Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday.  The news comes as the state continues its vaccine roll out, and the Governor is withholding scheduled pay raises for all state elected officials.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has a pre-holiday message for New Yorkers during the COVID-19 pandemic. He says it’s OK to celebrate, but to do it smartly to help prevent the spread of infections. Cuomo also announced that some fans might be allowed into the Buffalo Bills stadium for an upcoming play off game.

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With Congress still stalled over a new pandemic related federal relief package, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio, are warning of dire consequences for the city and the state if they don’t receive funding to help plug major budget deficits.

Cuomo says several thousand state and local government workers could be laid off, including 7,000 at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, if the federal government does not provide a bail out to help close the state’s multi billion dollar budget  deficit.

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The coronavirus infection rate has been creeping up in New York, though it still remains well below the rates in most other states. Governor Andrew Cuomo, is arguing, though, that 20 COVID-19 hotspots in New York should not count against the state’s overall low numbers.