Greater Syracuse HOPE

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused health and fiscal strain across the community, and it continues to even as parts of the economy reopen. But organizations who help those struggling say the problems aren’t new. They’re existing problems that have been made worse by the effects of COVID-19.

Syracuse Survey Shows Increase in Financial Instability due to COVID-19

Aug 21, 2020
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A survey of more than 200 Syracuse residents during the COVID-19 shutdown confirmed that the pandemic exacerbated an already dire situation for the city’s most vulnerable residents.  Greater Syracuse H.O.P.E., an anti-poverty nonprofit, ran the survey in June.

Greater Syracuse HOPE Calls For Partners To Battle Poverty

Dec 5, 2017

More than 90 people from local groups and organizations learned more about how they can help battle poverty in Syracuse. They attended a meeting Monday, responding to a call from Greater Syracuse HOPE for partners in its initiative to tackle poverty problems in the city.

"It really rejuvenated my spirit and hope, no pun intended as to the community and their care and concern for what’s going on," said Ocesa Keaton, executive director of Greater Syracuse HOPE.

WAER launches City Limits: A Poverty Project, a year-long initiative to examine the gripping, pervasive poverty problem facing Syracuse.  Over the course of the next year, WAER staff will tell stories about some of the impacts of poverty, how the city finds itself as the 13th most impoverished city in the nation and the myriad issues involved in trying to reduce the number of people in poverty.

The Syracuse Democratic Mayoral Primary is tomorrow, but many residents might not know where the candidates stand on the issues.  So, a group of community based organizations has compiled a comprehensive look at the candidate’s positions. National Action Network, Syracuse Chapter Education Chair Talina Jones says they’re trying to empower voters after the 2016 presidential election left many feeling disheartened.