Green Light New York

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced New York is suing the federal government over the decision to ban state residents from travel services programs to expedite travel across borders, including Global Entry and NEXUS cards.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday evening it was no longer allowing New Yorkers to apply for expedited travel services to make it through customs faster at major airports and across the Canadian and Mexican borders. And those who already enrolled in the programs will be suspended by the end of the year.

State officials are reacting to the news that the federal Department of Homeland Security is ending an expedited travel pass known as Global Entry for New Yorkers crossing into Canada or Mexico or arriving home to an airport from a foreign country.

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New York’s County Clerks are meeting in Syracuse Monday to discuss  a new law that requires county departments of motor vehicles to issue drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, some County clerks who are opposed to the law are pressing forward on a federal lawsuit. 

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Following a spirited debate, the New York State Assembly approved a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. It’s not a done deal though, and it faces resistance in the State Senate.

On the Assembly floor, opponents raised a number of concerns over the measure.

Assemblyman Robert Smullen, a Republican from  Herkimer, and a  former Marine, says he worries the licenses could provide a back door for criminals and even terrorists to obtain documents for nefarious purposes.

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A leading business group has come out in favor of granting drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, increasing the chances of the bill’s passage in the legislature this year.

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Democrats in the State Assembly say they plan to move ahead with a bill to grant drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants in New York. But the Assembly Speaker says he wants to educate people about the benefits of the measure first. 

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A bill to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses in New York is gaining support in the state legislature. But there’s also a growing backlash, and several upstate county sheriffs, county  clerks and state lawmakers are explaining why they oppose the measure.

Senator Daphne Jordan, a Republican from Saratoga, led a news conference attended by county officials from three upstate counties who say there would be some unintended consequences if undocumented immigrants were to get the licenses.

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Farmworkers in Central New York and across the state are hoping to get Governor Cuomo’s attention when he opens the state fair on Wednesday.  Rebecca Fuentes is with the Workers Center of CNY.

"We know we're going to have this huge celebration of agriculture at the New York State Fair.   we'll all go to see the dairy pavilion, the apples, everything New York offers.  Let's remember who is behind that labor."

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Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner announced Monday her support for a campaign that aims to give Central New Yorkers driver's licenses regardless of immigration status.  About two dozen activists at the Worker’s Center of Central New York looked on as she signed a document urging the state to approve Green Light New York.  Miner says a license not only allows people to have access to community resources but also makes the roads safer.