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Governor Cuomo presented what he called his “justice agenda” Tuesday, highlighting a series progressive issues in his state of the state and budget address.  We’ve already seen examples with voting reforms approved by lawmakers Monday, and protections for transgender people yesterday. 

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Even though the Libertarian and Green Parties did not have any wins on Election Day, party leaders said they still got some victories out of it.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins says his Green Party has an opportunity to capitalize with progressive voters, many of whom did not want to back Democrat Andrew Cuomo in the recent primary.   Hawkins believes he is the best candidate for Governor in the upcoming November election at a time when the nation is going through a political shift, especially for democrats who supported Cynthia Nixon and her policies.

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Even with Election Day in the books, Syracuse City government still has at least one more seat to fill.  Helen Hudson has been elected Common Council President and the public won’t get to vote on the seat she’s leaving behind. A similar situation was met with controversy in 2015. The Green Party’s recent Councilor-At-Large candidate, Frank Cetera wants to make sure that it’s handled differently this time around.

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The local elections on Tuesday aren’t expected to generate much activity at the polls, so it’s probably no surprise the Green Party has a plan to change that.  They’re calling for "Inclusive Democracy" to increase turnout and civic engagement.  Mayoral candidate Howie Hawkins illustrates his point.

"Did you hear there's an election Tuesday?  A lot of people out here, as we knock on doors and make phone calls, they're like what?  We had a presidential election last year.  What's this year?"

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Both the Onondaga County Democratic Committee and the Green Party are hoping frustration with the national political climate will work in their favor on election day.   

Democrats are optimistic that they have a slate of candidates that will make inroads in the county legislature.  Republicans hold a supermajority with 13 of 17 seats.  The committee has fielded five candidates to challenge GOP incumbents, and two others to seek open seats held by outgoing republicans.  That’s more than in recent memory.  Chairman Mark English says larger forces are a motivating factor.

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Green Party Candidate for Syracuse Mayor Howie Hawkins pointed to the crumbling condition of the Westside Academy at Blodgett today as an example of the inequality of education in the city. Hawkins scolded the Joint School construction board for failing to make the school a priority, leaving families uncertain about the future. 

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Green Party candidates for Syracuse mayor and common council are rallying support for a universal health insurance plan that’s now one vote shy of support in the state senate.  The New York Health Act is a single public payer system financed by progressively graduated taxes on payrolls and non-payroll income such as capital gains and interest.  Mayoral candidate Howie Hawkins says federal funds for Medicaid, Medicare, and the family and child health plus programs would be folded in, resulting in savings for all but the wealthiest New Yorkers.

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A fourth candidate has entered the race for two Councilor-at-Large Seats on the Syracuse Common Council, that will be contested this November.  Progressive politics that oppose a conservative Congress and President might play a role in the local election.  The Green Party locally has run numerous candidates for a range of positions in City Hall, including this year's candidacy for Mayor by Howie Hawkins.  None has broken through to get elected yet.  

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The Syracuse mayoral race grew to a total of 10 candidates Thursday after the Green Party’s  Howie Hawkins officially declared his plans to run.  He last sought the office in 2005, and says some of the ideas in his platform have since been picked by the last two mayors.  Hawkins calls his strategic vision for the city “Sustainable Syracuse.”