No one would argue that a starfish or a goldfish represents a pictue of superiority, but when it comes to the regenerative process, they have us beat. A starfish can regrow an arm if one is cut off. If the optical nerve of a goldfish is damaged the goldfish will generate a new working nerve.

Things are not as simple for humans when it comes to the regenerative process. This week on Science on the Radio, Dr. Marvin Druger talks about the human body and it's ability to heal wounds. 

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People living with the AIDS virus can have health challenges, but also struggles with work, housing and other needs.  At the same time developments in medications to control the virus hold more and more promise for a longer, richer life.

The American Heart Association and its Syracuse chapter are backing exercise and activity recommendations just released by the U-S Department of Health and Human Services.  WAER’s Chris Bolt reports they come at a time when many people are not exactly focused on their health.

Cold Weather, holiday meals and treats, celebrating the season … doesn’t exactly make many think about exercise. 

Go Red For Women in Syracuse Marks 15 Years of Raising Awareness and Funds for Heart Disease

Oct 25, 2018
Scott Willis / WAER News

More than 600 people gathered to raise awareness for the fight against women’s heart disease Thursday at the 15th annual GoRed for Women Luncheon. Supporters flooded the Oncenter to celebrate the nearly $400,000 raised over the past year which will go toward research, advocacy, training and education.

Onondaga County reports more than 1200 peple have confirmed flu cases so far this flu season.  That includes 270 cases the week ending January 28th. 

County Medical Director Dr. Quoc Nguyen relies on information provided by the State Health Department, which confirms cases.  He says the number of patients experiencing respiratory issues due to flu complications isn’t as high as in other parts of the state.

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Cholesterol, it's something most of feel we are battling our entire lives. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol but the balancing of those two is a tricky equation to solve. This week on Science on the radio Dr. Marvin Druger looks at Statins, the medication that helps try to limit the bad cholesterol while maintaining the good.

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A new health study on obesity finds New York is doing better than most states, but still is seeing far more health impacts than even 15 years ago.  WAER News Director Chris Bolt got to speak with one of the study’s authors about a health problem that costs the nation $150 billion annually in higher medical costs.

Obesity will be the focus of an event this Saturday, May 27th , as the nation continues to struggle with its waistline and the numerous diseases made worse by weight.  One local practice helps point out how science is helping those who are motivated to drop some pounds – and get healthier.

So the bad news about the obesity epidemic is it’s not going anywhere – despite increasing attention on weight loss, healthy eating, wellness.  The good news is science is helping the medical community learn more about what to do.

This week on Science on the Radio Dr. Marvin Druger addresses the issue of Alzheimer's Disease. You'll found out how the disease was originally discovered, how many people are impacted by the disease in the United States, and newly emerging treatments. 

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Onondaga County’s health commissioner says recent rankings of the community’s overall health indicate our behaviors are more of a factor in determining health outcomes more than the availability and quality of care. While residents can make better choices, social and economic factors also come in to play. 

Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta says the big picture is key when looking at a person’s overall health. 

"In public health we say ‘everything affects health,’ and then also ‘health affects everything.’"