Lida Buniak

When the Ukrainian airliner was allegedly shot down over Iran this week, the pain and loss was felt here in Syracuse.  The local Ukrainian community is planning a memorial service tomorrow to remember all the victims.  Lida  Burniak said the incident was more than just a tragedy involving a Ukrainian plane.

 “This involves multi-national passengers and it’s a humanitarian issue for a loss of innocent lives. So if we could come together and pray together, things (would ) look more optimistically that there’s something more beyond politics,” said Burniak

A Syracuse University law professor says the death of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani is a step toward tamping down more than two decades of orchestrated conflicts and proxy wars across the Middle East.  Corri Zoli is director of research at SU’s Institute for Security Policy and Law. 

Chris Bolt/WAER News

A crowd of one hundred-plus endured near-freezing rain to protest a possible war with Iran.  The Saturday demonstration joined others in dozens of cities around the nation after President Trump ordered the killing of an Iranian General.

With the Iran Nuclear deal hanging by a thread, a Syracuse University national security expert says Iran is using it as a tool to push back against the US, Britain, and other allies to gain a stronger foothold in the region.  Corri Zoli is a law professor and Director of Research for the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism at SU.

libya 360

A long-time Middle East Correspondent who visited Syracuse is focusing attention on the war in Yemen and U-S involvement there.  The Peabody Award winner hopes his writing sheds light on misconceptions about the violent region.

Reese Erlich’s first trip to the Middle East came in 1987.  He’s since visited every country in the region as a freelance reporter.   Erlich has recently chronicled the war in Yemen and  believes the Trump administration should re-think its policy.

Scott Willis / WAER News

  The Iran nuclear deal doesn't have the support of man in line to be the next Democratic leader in the Senate...New York's own Chuck Schumer.  His position  and his reasoning could be a factor if senate democrats decide to follow suit, making passage of the deal that much less certain.  Below is Schumer's entire Medium post released to the media.