Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul

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One Syracuse-area company is among dozens statewide to receive a share of $9 million to train its employees. New York’s Work Force Development Initiative  continues to dish out grants during a challenging year. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul stopped by TTM technologies Monday to announce the next round of grants.  

“We’ve been making announcements every few months or so. Sometimes we’re investing in healthcare, other forms of technology. But areas where employers are telling us they need more workers to have the skills to be able to help them be successful.”

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The Democratic-controlled State Legislature has passed a number of legislative items this week that are viewed as more progressive and now it has Republicans saying… not so fast.

Governor Andrew Cuomo began his third term in office with a speech at the historic site of Ellis Island, where the ancestors of millions of Americans arrived as immigrants in the 19th and 20thcenturies. He focused much of his speech not on state issues, but instead on what he sees as the nation’s problems, and said New York will lead the fight against them.

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Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul came to Nottingham High School Monday to greet supporting students, teachers and administrators who want to prevent school shootings. 

The last-minute pitch is happening just before the end of the legislative session.  Hochul says the Red Flag legislation would act as another safety measure.

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Officials say New York State has been the most aggressive to respond to the opioid crisis, but future policy changes might depend the most on professors, social workers and affected families.  That’s what state and local officials told students today from the Falk School of Social Work during the 19th annual Policy Symposium.  General Counsel for OASAS, Rob Kent urged them to take action if they have ideas to help people recover. 

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Fairgoers may have noticed well dressed women attending the State Fair today on Women’s Day.  They are pausing to remember influential women and the year that women were granted the right to vote in New York State in 1917.  The historical significance of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial in New York State is being observed.  A dedicated display is set up in the Art and home Center.  Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul says there are prominent names of the women's movement who come to mind.

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A state grant of $250,000 will help families and individuals navigate addiction problems and help them seek treatment.  

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A long time Syracuse plastic maker seems to be bucking the trend of the declining manufacturing sector in Central New York. But it hasn’t come without some help from the state. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul stopped at the expansion of Tessy Plastics in Van Buren today to announce $13.5 million in aid.  Hochul says they’ve learned from the successful experience in Buffalo and believe Syracuse can have the same results.

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  The nearly 19 million dollar expansion of Inficon’s facility in East Syracuse is entering its final stages.  Motorists passing by on I-481 have probably noticed the progress over the past several months.  President Steve Maier  says the high-tech company says the decision to expand was based on growth potential after almost 25 years at their current location.

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Syracuse University was the latest stop Thursday for Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.  She's visiting colleges and universities in an effort to push lawmakers to approve Governor Cuomo's proposal for a uniform sexual assault policy at every institution in the state. The "Enough is Enough" campaign was originally part of the state budget before it and many other policy initiatives were dropped. Hochul says the policy begins with a uniform definition for consent.