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The Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) is assuring customers that they're tryng to get out in front of water problems, such as is failing infrastructure and toxic threats to water quality.  But their investments in safe and secure water will have an impact on water bills in the future.

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About 30 students from Syracuse’s Institute of Technology got a taste Wednesday of what can go wrong when a squirrel gets caught up in power lines.  Well...it wasn't a real squirrel, but the look-alike did cause a component to blow, startling the students and other observers.

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The Syracuse Downtown Farmers Market came to a close for another year Monday.  Change might have been the watchword for the day – due to the season and the changing nature of downtown.


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About 100 people gathered in Columbus Circle Monday morning for the annual wreath laying ceremony to honor Christopher Columbus and the contributions of Syracuse’s Italian community.   The event began with the Italian national anthem sung by students of the Josephine Federico school of music. 

The celebration comes amid a growing effort to also mark “Indigenous people’s Day.”  Gardino says it’s not intended to disrespect Native Americans. 

President of the American Italian Heritage Association Frank Ricciardiello acknowledges Columbus’ flaws.

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Syracuse University presented a different aspect of accommodations for people with disabilities this weekend. OrangeAbility offered a day of inclusive and adaptive hockey, basketball, tennis, and more for students and Central New Yorkers who identify with a disability. President of the Disability Student Union Priya Penner said that sports are essential to disability culture, especially at SU.

“We really like focusing on sports with this particular event because Syracuse University is such a big sports school,” said Penner. “Also sports generally just bring people together, there’s that camaraderie within teams, there's a lot that makes sports a really awesome lens to look into disability culture and disability pride.”

But for many of the athletes, sports are more than just a fun social activity. They can also be a life changing development.

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Onondaga Community College has been awarded a $3 million federal grant to help low-income students succeed. Out of the 10,000 students on campus, three-quarters of OCC’s first time students are identified as low-income.


Utica-area Congress member Claudia Tenney says the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico is not perfect, but is an improvement. The USMCA replaces NAFTA, fulfilling one of President Trump’s campaign promises. Tenney says the new deal will offer a big boost to Upstate New York’s dairy industry.  She’s already hearing from farmers who are eager for some relief.

After Ten Years, Syracuse's ArtRage Gallery is Still Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Oct 4, 2018
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It’s been ten years since the ArtRage Gallery on Hawley Avenue opened its doors, mounting exhibitions of progressive art that promote social awareness and maybe inspire resistance and change.  They held an anniversary gala Wednesday evening.


A high-ranking naval officer with roots in Central New York is spending a few days in his hometown, visiting students of all ages to talk about his long career in the Navy. 


Time is ticking away this month for the current owners of Shoppingtown Mall to pay up on back taxes as Onondaga County prepares to potentially seize the property. The County has several choices on how to move forward with property, but the town of Dewitt is hoping that it doesn’t get auctioned off to private owners.