Mayor Ben Walsh

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SYRACUSE, NY - Religious groups peacefully protested outside of Syracuse City Hall on Sunday demanding police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Protesters held signs, and chanted, “No justice, no peace”, “Black Lives Matter” and as Floyd said in his final moments, “Get your knee off my neck. I can’t breathe.”

City of Syracuse

Mayor Ben Walsh wanted to reassure Syracuse residents about a range of city services, while discussing some financial  realities that are having some negative impacts, during a briefing Friday. 

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Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh says the impact to the city budget by the COVID-19 closures is now up to $30 million.  That’s up $10 million from about two weeks ago, with most of the deficit from a sharp decline in sales tax revenue. 

City of Syracuse

It was another “first” for Syracuse city government on Wednesday…a virtual budget presentation by Mayor Ben Walsh.

"Given the current circumstances, this is anything but the traditional way in which we do this..." Walsh said as he began the presentation to common councilors on a Webex conference.

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The number of cases of COVID 19 in Onondaga County jumped 35% as of Wednesday’s local update.  County leaders continue to emphasize staying isolated, while saying those told to stay in quarantine could face criminal charges should they ignore the order.

Syracuse’s St Patrick’s Day Parade is the latest casualty of the Coronavirus, as city and county officials deemed it too risky in their efforts to contain possible spread of the infection.  Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon says a data-driven approach was used to make the decision. 

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About two dozen Syracuse University students have been told they’re on interim-suspension after they refused to leave a sit-in at the administration building.   The latest stand-off between the Not Again SU protesters and university leadership includes diverted classes and locked doors with less tolerance by SU administration than protestors received during demonstrations late last year.

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Syracuse mayor Ben Walsh and School District Superintendent Jaime Alicea toured the former Central High School Thursday, with renewed hope that the long-vacant building will become a regional STEAM school.  Governor Cuomo has committed to the $70+ million project as one of his many priorities, which will also include a worker training center. 

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Syracuse Common Councilors will get a raise next month after they approved pay increases for themselves, the mayor’s office, and city auditor.  The final vote at Monday's meeting was 6 to 2. 

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Top executives from Microsoft joined with the city of Syracuse, Onondaga County and Syracuse University Thursday to officially kick off a new Digital alliance.  Under the agreement, Microsoft will make Syracuse its first Northeast Technology Hub with an emphasis on creating an inclusive environment.