NY State Grant Will Help MOST Make Updates and Repairs

Oct 16, 2019
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A state grant of half-a-million dollars announced Wednesday will ward off problems that threatened to close or damage parts of Syracuse’s Museum of Science and Technology.  MOST President Lauren Kochian has been struggling to make repairs to the 112-year-old Armory that houses the museum.

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The MOST is about to allow visitors to get inside their own heads by examining how the brain functions and the many neurological disorders and diseases being treated locally.  BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head will open in September. 

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There is plenty of sound at the Museum of Science and Technology in Downtown Syracuse even before visitors arrive. The sounds keep your head on a swivel as you try to locate which sound comes from what exhibit. It’s super interactive and engaging, but also demands a lot of sensory processing.

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About 50 Central New York eighth graders are spending the week conducting experiments and other field work as they learn about the region’s watershed.

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Young Central New York students were learning about climate change Monday as part of what they’d need to know as an environmental scientist.  It’s one of a series of day camps held this week at the Museum of Science and Technology, with each day focusing on a specific career. 

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Fans of the popular, life-size dinosaur exhibit that’s visited the Museum of Science and Technology many times over the years will soon be able to see it anytime.  The MoST announced today that they’re devoting three-thousand square feet of space for a permanent exhibit called Dino Zone.  MOST president Lauren Kochian says the dinosaurs have always been popular over the past three decades.

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Time is winding down for the biggest exhibit the Museum of Science and Technology has ever had.  Nearly 26,000 people have come through the doors to see “Nature’s Machines” since it opened in late September.  But Sunday marks the final day. 

Natures Machines uses 50 specimens and 22 replicas to give visitors an inside look into how everything from cheetahs to insects survive and adapt to their environments. Director of Communications at the MoST Maria Welych says it shows how humans are similar to or different from other species.

The Syracuse International Film Festival featured  “Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures” by Marc Fafard as one of its first presentations.  Fafard also directed “Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia”, and was motivated to turn to dragons for a follow up.  He gave the audience a visual feast at the Museum of Science and Technology’s I-MAX theater.  

Maria Welych / MoST

The Museum of Science and Technology is starting to put together the largest, most expensive visiting exhibit the museum has ever hosted.   It’s called Nature’s Machines and it's so large that five tractor-trailers were needed to bring it to the MOST.  The 5,000 square foot exhibit was built at The Field Museum in Chicago, and its debut here is the first time an exhibit of this scale has ever been on display in a mid-market city.  Chief Program Officer Peter Plumley says Syracuse should be excited.   

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  Most Central New Yorkers, including those who frequent downtown Syracuse, might not know there’s a 12-foot tall piece of history behind the Museum of Science and Technology…even if the intention was for it to be seen…