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President Trump is making an announcement about Syria amid controversy over his policy there and a back-and-forth over whether the U.S. is withdrawing troops. Watch his remarks from the White House live.

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Many of New York's streams and wetlands are now at risk for pollution after President Trump lifted provisions of the Clean Water Rule. Environmental advocates are expressing concerns about the possible contamination that could result.

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Syracuse received a major support of investment today in its efforts to expand and create high tech jobs that would hopefully allow the talents of vulnerable populations to self-sustaining careers.  JP Morgan Chase awarded $3 million in the ‘Advancing Cities Challenge’ that also includes several strategies to foster inclusive growth. 

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A Cornell University mass media expert says an E-cigarette manufacturer is pre-emptively announcing an end to its flavored nicotine product-line and related social media promotions ahead of an expected FDA ban. The FDA announced Thursday that it would not instate a complete ban of the product, but it would implement more restrictions on flavored e-cigarette sales. 

Canadian Diplomat Visits Syracuse to Discuss Trade and Tariffs With Local Businesses

Apr 4, 2018
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Trade and tariffs were on the mind of a Canadian diplomat who paid a visit to Syracuse Wednesday. Consul General of Canada in New York Phyllis Yaffe was in town to talk to business leaders and owners about the impact of fast-changing trade policy. She says the primary focus is continuing to negotiate updates to NAFTA, which has regulated trade between the US, Canada, and Mexico for 24 years. Yaffe says there have been some that she terms “unusual” requests from the US, including a sunset clause.

Death Rates and Costs of Alzhiemer's Care Continue to Increase, says New Study

Mar 21, 2018

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association indicates that Central New Yorker’s are feeling the impacts of the disease more than they may realize. The report says more people are dying of Alzheimer's and costs for care are skyrocketing.

NY Senate GOP Votes Down Democrats Gun Control Measures; Sen. Schumer: "Package Ready by Week's End"

Feb 28, 2018
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The leader of the New York State Senate Democrats says she’s disappointed that her Republican colleague voted down a package of gun control measures that Democrats brought to the floor Wednesday. Andrea Stewart-Cousins says she was initially optimistic.

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A professor of government at Cornell University has mixed reviews of President Trump’s State of the Union Address Tuesday night. Professor Elizabeth Sanders says that Trump’s speech was successful overall, but his sincerity is still in question.

"For Trump I thought it was a good speech.  The big question is whether he means it and whether he will put some kind of mobilization skills to work, which he hasn't demonstrated before, to get his own party and segments of the other parties to support these things." 

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A Syracuse University Newhouse School Professor of Television and Popular Culture was surprised by NBC’s quick firing of TODAY Show Host and Anchor Matt Lauer this week.  Bob Thompson said on Wednesday there are many unanswered questions that remain.

“How many people at that organization (NBC) knew what was going on?  If it was going on and how much were they enabling it?  I mean, that’s what was really damaging about that FOX with (Roger) Ailes and (Bill) O’Reilly is that so many people were aware of what was going on and they continued to let it go on.  We don’t know yet about how that’s happening at NBC but, I guess we’re gonna find out.”