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This year, Governor Andrew Cuomo already signed more than double the amount of executive orders he did in 2019. A group of Republicans believe he is silencing the state legislature. State Republican Chair Nick Langworthy spoke in Syracuse Wednesday, calling on state lawmakers to keep Governor Cuomo’s powers in check.    

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Dan Clark is host and producer of New York Now at PBS station WMHT in Albany.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo railed on President Donald Trump during a press conference in New York Monday, saying the president should “start telling the people of this country the truth” and sign an executive order requiring masks to be worn in public nationwide.

Republicans, meanwhile, called on Democrats in the state Legislature to strip Cuomo of emergency law-making powers, saying the time has come to limit that authority.

The declining New York State Senate Republican conference could get even after three Senators announced that they are not running for reelection in 2020. More exits are expected in the coming weeks.

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The leader of the State Senate says she does not think there will be new broad based taxes on the wealthy to close the state’ s multi billion dollar budget shortfall. Senator Andrea Stewart –Cousins remarks come as a liberal leaning think tank is issuing a report that finds New York has the highest level of income inequality in the nation.

The ranks of Senate Republicans in New York have been greatly diminished over the past year, with losses in the November elections, and other GOP Senators saying this summer that they are seeking new jobs.

Republicans held the State Senate for nearly a century, with only a pair of two year breaks when the Democrats gained power. But that ended last November, when the GOP lost eight seats. They now have just 22 Republican Senators to the Democrats’ 40 seats.   

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There’s going to be a change at the top in the state’s Republican Party. Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy has gathered the support of the majority of county chairs, and will be replacing Ed Cox In July.  The two met with the media to talk about the transition.