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Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has completed a year-long independent review of Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety after their response to a string of racist incidents on campus in late 2019.  That prompted weeks of protest, and the atmosphere of mistrust between students, officers, and administrators escalated from there.

Sports fields and courts have been the platforms for statements about social and racial justice since games resumed this year.  Struggle with quality and discrimination are not new, though for Syracuse University, which had to deal with the issues 50 years ago amid student-athlete protests

It’s May 1970. Syracuse Football is set to start spring practice, Ben Schwartzwalder at the helm for his 21st year. Something was different though. Nine football players - mislabeled The Syracuse Eight - boycotted spring practice. Why? To stand up for equality and advocate for a more diverse coaching staff. A decision made in 1969 that affected their playing careers forever. The Eight were eventually suspended from the team and never got to play in the NFL.


The union representing Syracuse University public safety officers is challenging claims of misconduct against student protestors that are port of the ongoing Not Again SU movement.  

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The Not Again SU protests moved outside the Syracuse Administration wednesday evening, blocking a portion of Waverly and Crouse Avenues.   Police showed up at the outdoor scene, but no word on any arrests.  Protestors then moved back inside to continue a sit-in, occupation of the Crouse Hinds building. 



Syracuse University’s Chancellor wants to start with compassion in dealing with 23 student protestors who have remained in an administrative building after hours this week following the racist and antisemitic and hate incidents that have occurred since last fall on campus. 

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About two dozen Syracuse University students have been told they’re on interim-suspension after they refused to leave a sit-in at the administration building.   The latest stand-off between the Not Again SU protesters and university leadership includes diverted classes and locked doors with less tolerance by SU administration than protestors received during demonstrations late last year.

#NotAgainSU Movement Re-Emerges, Occupies Crouse-Hinds Hall

Feb 17, 2020
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Update 2/18/2020 7:10 AM:

Students with the group #Not Again SU who refused to leave the University’s Administrative Office building last night to observe the hours of operation have been referred to the Office of Student rights and Responsibilities. 

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Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud didn’t waste any time in his Winter Message Monday in addressing the racist incidents that gripped campus in November.  He began his speech by saying the students, faculty, and the community went through a hard time, facing hate, fear and uncertainty.  

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 UPDATE:  Syracuse University's Board of Trustees announced Thursday the formation of an Independent Advisory Panel, in conjunction with a newly formed Board of Trustees Special Committee on University Climate, Diversity, and Inclusion.  Together, they will assess and provide recommendations regarding programs, policies, and initiatives designed to foster and strengthen diversity and inclusion on campus.

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A Syracuse University professor is using social media to bring the community together following a series of racist incidents that made some students feel unsafe on their own campus.