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Senators and Assemblymembers are pushing for action to combat climate change before the legislative session ends later this month. But Governor Andrew Cuomo says the plan is too ambitious and unrealistic.

Senate Environmental Conservation Committee Chair Todd Kaminsky, says he thinks that the state can enact the major anti climate change measure between now and June 19th, when the session is scheduled to end. He says there  isn’t time to wait.


With the legislative session starting to wind down, the atmosphere is intensifying at the State Capitol. Democrats who lead the  legislature are facing pressure from all sides to deliver on legislation that they campaigned on.

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Legislative leaders say they have an agreement in principle on nine bills that will extend and strengthen New York City’s rent laws.  It’s part of an effort to get a number of bills passed before adjournment later in June.


When state lawmakers return later this month for a post budget session , there are a number of issues that they hope to tackle, including trying to curb the number of robocalls New Yorkers receive on their phones.

The call are annoying, and becoming more frequent.

According to the company  You Mail, which makes call blocking software, New York reported the third highest volume of robocalls in the nation for the month of March.

Assemblywoman Yuh Lin Niou, provided audio recordings of some of the robocalls that she says have plagued New Yorkers recently.


Central New York’s rural fire departments that also provide ambulance services are hoping state lawmakers take action on critical legislation before they wrap up session this week.  The EMS cost recovery bill has sponsors in both houses of the legislature.  Executive Director of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs Jerry Deluca says New York is the only state in the nation that prohibits fire department ambulance services from billing for their expenses.

https://www.ny.gov/programs/enough-enough-make-all-new-york-college-campuses-safe / NYS Enough is Enough

New York State is taking action to prevent sexual assaults on all public and private college campuses. After months of deliberation, state law-makers announced they reached an agreement to pass the “Enough is Enough” legislation designed to protect and empower victims of sexual assault. 

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An environmental group is making the push for the State Legislature to adopt the Child Safe Products Act to remove tainted toys from store shelves across the State and locally. Members of Clean and Healthy New York made toy purchases in Onondaga County and then used an X-ray fluorescent scanning device to see what they contained. Deputy Director Bobbi Chase Wilding scanned the toys and what she found might surprise you.