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The Onondaga Historical Association is heading to Pittsburgh this weekend in hopes of collecting an Emmy award for a short film about a long-standing NBA record achieved here in Syracuse.   Mayor Ben Walsh credits OHA Director Gregg Tripoli for using film to tell the story of Jim Tucker and the 1955 Syracuse Nationals.

Onondaga Historical Association

This week, the Onondaga Historical Association is capturing a bygone era in Downtown Syracuse with the opening of their newest exhibit, “Strolling Down Salina Street: 1940 to 1980."  Curator Bob Searing says the idea came from holiday pictures of Salina Street after World War II.

Scott Willis / WAER News

  Most Central New Yorkers know about the Jerry Rescue, where a group of Syracuse abolitionists freed  fugitive slave William "Jerry" Henry from jail and snuck him to Canada.  But chances are most don’t know the story behind Enoch Reed, one of the men who helped rescue Jerry in 1851.

Onondaga Historical Association Curator of History Dennis Connors says to understand the significance of the Jerry Rescue is to understand that those involved were committing a serious act of civil disobedience.


The Onondaga Historical Association has a new exhibit aimed at teaching people about the history of bridges in Onondaga County.  The exhibit shows off various bridges throughout the county, but focuses primarily on the impact these bridges have had on the history of development within the region.