Oneida Shores

People anxious to celebrate Memorial Day in Onondaga County will see a mixture of restrictions and permission to go places this coming weekend.  County Executive Ryan McMahon Tuesday announced Oneida Shores will be open this weekend. There will not be any parades or ceremonies in veterans’ cemeteries.

“This is going to be a year where we need to remember why we have Memorial Day Weekend, and the sacrifice that so many have given us, so we can experience freedoms that we have a newfound respect for because many of them have been restricted (recently).”   

Lindsay Hadlock / Cornell University

Central New Yorkers have grown all too accustomed to occasional beach closures over the summer due to unsafe levels of bacteria in the water. Cornell University and a bio-technology device maker are working on a new and much faster way to test the water and get swimmers back in the lake. 

For Ruth Richardson, this is where she says her heart meets her science.