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About half of the remaining 30,000 remaining absentee ballots in Onondaga County were reviewed and scanned Monday as the board of elections resumed counting after a two-week delay.  The process was halted after about a dozen cases of COVID-19 among employees paused operations four days after it began. 

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The Onondaga County Board of Elections is expected to be back at full strength on Monday to count the remaining 30,000 absentee ballots.  Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny is ready.

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The review and counting of Onondaga County’s 27,000 remaining absentee ballots won’t resume for another two weeks due to eight additional cases of COVID-19 among employees.  The exposure started with one worker who hasn’t been at the office since November 5th, but was in contact with about 30 other colleagues.

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The canvass of Onondaga County’s absentee ballots has been temporarily halted after a Board of Elections employee tested positive for COVID-19. However, the exposure to volunteers and others involved in the counting process appears to be minimal.


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Election results in the Central New York area mirror those nationwide … some paint a clear picture while others remain blurred.  Voters cast their ballots for congressional candidates, as well as those for state senate and assembly seats, and other local officials. 

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 Candidates used the weekend to make final pitches to voters, including in the close contest in the 24th congressional district.  WAER's James Corrigan reports both candidates took to the streets and believe they've made their case before election wraps up Tuesday.  

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Early voting starts Saturday in Onondaga County, but the six locations across 800 square miles could post challenges for those who don’t have transportation and still want to avoid potentially long lines on election day. 

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  The 2020 Primary in New York this year fell in the midst of a global pandemic and a reckoning on police brutality in America. Voting by mail occurred in record numbers due to the threat of COVID-19 and youth in Syracuse led rallies for the current racial justice movement.




Candidates in New York’s primary elections are having to put any celebrations on hold, despite waking up this morning after election night.  Dana Balter and Claudia Tenney tallied the most votes from early voting and primary day ballots in their respective congressional races.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order Saturday moving the presidential primary from April 28th to June 23rd, in the wake of health concerns from the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The move aligns the voting for presidential nominees to the same date voters would be choosing congressional and legislature nominees in the various parties.