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With so much focus on one health crisis, you might have missed important changes on another health front.  New laws are trying to keep people from nicotine addiction.


Onondaga County Health Department officials are working closely with community partners in preparation for any cases of the novel coronavirus.  Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta says they’re in regular contact with state and federal partners, and sharing information with local health systems, hospitals, school districts, and universities.  

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The flu looks like it’s getting a jump start on the normal infection season here in Central New York.  Pharmacist Shannon Miller is Director of Patient Outcomes for Kinney Drugs.  She says reported cases in the state jumped 77% in the last week. 

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Nearly a dozen corner stores in Syracuse are now participating in a program aimed at offering healthier food choices, especially to children.  A new report showed that more than 14 percent of children in New York have obesity, placing the state 25th in the country.  

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Landlords that have lead contamination in their houses or apartments could find themselves the target of fines and criminal charges as Onondaga County is stepping up enforcement. Community and law enforcement officials today announced a series of forums to help landlords and builders know how to get rid of lead problems. 

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People living in Onondaga County can have an impact on some of the programs that could make us - or keep - us healthier.  County health officials want to hear about the health conditions important to you … and what’s making you sick or injured, in a survey about the health of our community.

County Health Officials: Don't Let Fear, Cost Preclude Life-Saving Colon Cancer Screening

Mar 19, 2019
ongov.net / Onondaga County Health Department

Many Onondaga County residents over 50 might find one reason or another not to get tested for colon cancer.  But officials at the Onondaga County Health Department said they have every reason to get checked.

Reproductive health often gets billed as a women’s issue in national conversation. But here in Syracuse, and increasingly across the globe, access to reproductive healthcare is a vital piece of the puzzle for finding a solution to poverty. For City Limits, Katie Zilcosky takes a closer look at why reproductive health matters when trying to alleviate poverty.

County's "State of Our Babies" Report Highlights Barriers to Care, Opportunities to Improve

Nov 8, 2018

Infants and their parents in Syracuse and Onondaga County are more likely to have health problems than the national average.  County leaders are trying to find the best way to provide help and support. 


Onondaga County reports more than 1200 peple have confirmed flu cases so far this flu season.  That includes 270 cases the week ending January 28th. 

County Medical Director Dr. Quoc Nguyen relies on information provided by the State Health Department, which confirms cases.  He says the number of patients experiencing respiratory issues due to flu complications isn’t as high as in other parts of the state.